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Code of conduct:

Want to play? Read here!

  • To participate in a session, you must Check-In. Only those who have Checked-In for the session are allowed to play during that session.

  • The Check-In forms will be released on the Facebook Group Page every Sunday at 9 pm.

  • You must secure a spot through the check-in form and must be a current member (in the current semester). You will be notified by email about the sessions you have secured for the week.

  • If you did not secure a spot for the week, you will have to try again next week. You will be placed on a waitlist and may be able to take another member's spot if they opt out and a committee member approves your spot on the UABC General Chat.

  • If you are consistently unable to secure a spot due to not checking in on time or other reasons, UABC is not liable for any consequences. We understand that UABC has a large player base, and we have already taken the action of limiting each member to only 2 sessions per week, so the chances of securing at least one session per week, provided that you check in on time, are relatively fair.

  • The sessions purchased are only valid for the respective semester. Sessions cannot be carried over to the next semester.

  • Refunds are only available for people who provide valid reasons at the discretion of UABC.

  • There is also a casual check-in form for non-members who want to come just once. This will be posted at the same time as the member check-in form and will cost $7.5. Before you come to the session, this fee must be paid via bank transfer with a screenshot sent to a committee member for prior approval.

  • Members are eligible to receive a full refund if they cancel their membership within 2 weeks of purchase.


At a session? Follow these!

  • Check-In and get ready to start.

  • Mark off the dot beside your name to let us know you are here.

  • Pick up a shuttle from a committee member.

  • When a committee member rings the bell, head inside and check the board to see which court you are assigned to!

  • When the bell rings at the end of every 15-minute round, please leave the shuttle on the court. If the shuttle on the court for your next round is damaged, you can swap it out for a new shuttle.

  • There will be an "ins and outs" court (court 4 at UoA sports center, court 8 at ABA/Gillies, and court 3 at Kings) where you stay in court until you lose a point. Feel free to jump in line while waiting to be put on the games courts.

  • If you have been assigned to a games court and do not show up, we will not assign you to any more games courts until you come and let us know you are still here (otherwise, we will assume you've left!).

  • If you need to leave before the session ends, please inform a committee member so we can mark you as having left.

  • During a session, please be respectful, courteous, kind, and safe when interacting with other members and using the equipment and facilities.

  • Do not walk on the courts, as you may be injured by another player (some of them have BIG smashes!).

  • All members and participants are expected to clean up their respective areas and dispose of any trash or waste materials generated during and after badminton sessions.

  • Any spilled liquids or fluids, including water or sports drinks, must be promptly cleaned up using the provided cleaning supplies.

    UABC does not accept liability for any injuries or lost property. Members understand the potential risks of attending sessions and are liable for all consequences.

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