UABC Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Memberships and casual passes are non-transferable and can only be used by the person to whom it is issued as recorded by UABC. The membership passes are in the form of a card or email proof.

2. Unused portions of passes are non-refundable and non-negotiable past the semester it was activated, unless due to unforeseeable circumstances and explicitly stated by UABC.

3. Failure to turn up to a checked-in session without a valid reason provided to either the Prseident or Secretary will result in a loss of that session.

4. UABC is not liable for any damaged or lost property.

5. Only individuals who hold a UABC membership for the current year can be affiliated with ABA under UABC.

6. Using another individual's membership to gain access to a club session will result in the cancellation of both the borrowed membership as well as the transgressor's membership if applicable.

7. Replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged card will be free at UABC's discretion.

8. The UABC committee reserves the right to refuse any person access to the session and/or repossess their membership card should they infringe upon the club rules, stadium rules, club constitution or club terms and conditions.

9. If you are not satisfied with your membership, you can cancel your membership and receive a refund for the remaining sessions in the first 3 weeks from the date you first signed up. Members who hold affiliation are unable to receive a refund, as this violates clause 5. UABC reserves the right to refuse cancellation requests made after 3 weeks. 

10. Photos of sessions and/or events may be posted on the Facebook group page. If you are not comfortable with this, please let one of the committee members know during the event or session.

11. In the case of the unforeseeable forced cancellation of a session(s), members will be provided with an appropriate level of compensation which will be determined by UABC.

12. Add on sessions  may be available later on in the semester at the discretion of UABC.

13. Members will be liable for the purchasing the correct amount of add-ons, which expire at the end of each semester, UABC will not be liable if you purchase too many additional sessions. If you are unsure about your number of remaining sessions, please email us. 

14. Signups will close when membership capacity has reached 300.

15. The 2022 ABA affiliation will expire in March 2023, regardless of when it was purchased throughout the year.

16. A member of UABC is defined as someone who has filled out the check-in form, and has made the appropriate payment for their membership tier and/or affiliation.


17. Each member will only be allowed to check-in and attend a maximum of two sessions per week as a preliminary to allow a chance for other members to attend our sessions. 

18. Each member can only hold one membership per semester. Memberships can be renewed the following semester where they will be able to buy more sessions.