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Why are people lining up beside some courts?

That’s because those are the ins-and-outs courts. The other courts are games courts!

  • An ins-and-outs court has 4 people playing doubles, but when you lose a point you must join the back of the line, and the person at the front steps in to take your place!

  • A games court is where 4 players will be on the court, and everyone will be playing doubles. Play until 21 points and then swap around the players if you’d like, or play another game with the same people!


Why isn’t there a number next to my name?

That’s because you weren’t assigned to a games court. You can take a rest, or join the ins-and-outs court!


I don’t know what level of badminton I play at…

No worries! Just put the level that you think would suit you best (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). If you realize that your games are too easy/difficult, just let a committee member know and we will adjust your grade appropriately.


I don’t have any equipment

Don’t worry we provide the racquets on a first-come-first-serve basis as well as shuttles, all you have to bring is yourself, a water bottle, comfortable sports clothing and shoes, and maybe a sweat towel.


How do the sessions work?

Every time we ring the bell, players will come to the board and check if they have been allocated a court number, of which they will play a doubles game/s.


Can I use one of my membership sessions for my friend?

Sorry no.


What is the casual fee?

The cost for casuals attending our sessions is $7.5 per visit. Please make sure to fill out the casual check-in form on our Facebook page, as well as transfer and send us a proof of payment to before the session.


I am a competitive player, is there any events that I could join?

Yes! We have our UABC open tournament that we hold every year in semester 2, follow our FB group page to keep up to date.


Is there coaching?

Not during our sessions, however, we do hold some coaching sessions throughout the year. Follow our FB group page to stay up to date.


I was too busy to attend all my sessions for the semester. Can I use the remaining in the next semester? If not, do I get a refund for my remaining sessions?

The membership is per semester only. You can refund or change your membership within the first three weeks from the date of sign up, please email for further inquiries.


Do I need a gym membership to attend the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday Session(s)?



What if I am late to a session? Am I allowed to attend the session?

Yes, make sure to come and let us know that you are here (UABC committee members sitting at the table) once you have arrived.


How do I book courts?

To book at the University Recreation Centre please get in touch with their services at UoA Recreation Centre.

To book courts at Gillies Ave (Newmarket), go to

NOTE: To get discounted court booking rates at Gillies Ave, you can sign up for affiliation with your UABC membership for $35.

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